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CubeCart version 5 End of Life (24 November 2016)
Posted by on 24 August 2016 01:57 PM

The majority of merchants have already upgraded from version 5 to version 6. This upgrade is straightforward, reliable and version 6 is stable. 

For this reason we will no longer release updates or support version 5 from 24th November 2016.

If you are still using version 5 then there is no reason not to upgrade to version 6. Your skin is compatible as are any existing plugins/extensions/modules.

Please do contact us if you have any questions about our upgrade services.

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A seamless experience
The new checkout introduces the in-context user journey for PayPal Express Checkout, helping improve conversion rates with an easier way to pay online. The streamlined design speeds buyers through payment - without leaving your website - for a more secure and seamless checkout.

How to enable on CubeCart - (1.1.3 or higher recommended)

Improves conversion rates
In-Context Checkout supports PayPal’s One Touch, which is an optional PayPal feature that allows buyers to complete purchases faster. When buyers log in to PayPal from a mobile device or from a desktop, tablet or laptop, they can choose to stay logged in to PayPal for easier, faster checkout with all eligible merchants. From that moment buyers will skip the PayPal login on future purchases across websites if they use the same device and browser. More info on

PayPal’s new checkout conversion rate outperforms its competitors by 36%, according to the 2016 comScore study (here).

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CubeCart 6.0.12 Released
Posted by on 16 June 2016 11:19 AM

We are pleased to announce the release of CubeCart version 6.0.12.

What's new?

  • 37 issues resolved
  • Increased minimum PHP version to 5.4 and MySQL to 5.5. 
  • Improved upgrade reliability for v3 & v4 image galleries.
  • Dashboard exposure to recent marketplace extensions.
  • Help menu access to technical support and community forums. 


The screenshot below shows links to support, forums and display of most recent extensions. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.20.46.png

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CubeCart 6.0.11 Released
Posted by on 16 March 2016 10:07 AM

We are pleased to announce the release of CubeCart version 6.0.11. This is a maintenance release which includes three security updates. 

What's new?

Release notes: CKEditor has been upgraded from version 3 to 4. If the rich text editor fails to load from within the admin control panel please try a hard browser refresh or delete your temporary internet files. 


We would like to thank both Netsparker and High-Tech Bridge Security Research Lab for responsibly sharing their security audit findings. 

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PayPal 2016 merchant security upgrades
Posted by on 14 March 2016 08:51 AM

A number of our customer have received the following correspondence from PayPal concerning a rollout schedule for security updates this year. We wanted to address how these changes may affect your CubeCart store. 


We recently announced several security upgrades planned for this year, some of which will require you to make changes to your integration. You’re receiving this email because your integration may need to be changed to accommodate these security upgrades.  

What do I need to do? We’ve outlined the steps to take to ensure your integration is up to date. We’re letting you know about these changes now because we don’t want you to experience a disruption of service when they go into effect.

Step 1: Consult with someone who understands your integration. We encourage you to inform your technical staff of these upcoming changes. 

Step 2: Understand how these changes affect your integration. Here’s a list of the security changes we’re making in 2016. Please review and determine if these updates are required on your side.

Step 3: Get the technical details on these changes. Detailed information of each of the changes and a location to test your integration are available on our 2016 Merchant Security Roadmap Microsite. Select the hyperlinks in the chart for information about specific change events. 

Step 4: Make the appropriate changes by each “Act by” date*. It’s important to have your changes in place by the “Act by” date for each change event.

Step 5: Future-proof your integration. We recommend that you go through the Best Practices section on our 2016 Merchant Security Roadmap Microsite. 

Why is PayPal making these changes?

Protecting customer information is PayPal’s top priority. We support industry standards, such as crypto-industry’s mandate to upgrade SSL certificates to SHA-256, and the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Council’s TLS 1.2 mandate. We also surpass those standards by investing and building some of the finest protection available. By addressing these changes this year, we believe it helps future-proof your integration and reduce the need to invest in changing your integration in the near future.

If you have any questions as you work through these changes, visit our Help Centre by clicking Help on any PayPal page.

Thank you for your support of our commitment to maintain the highest security standards for all of our global customers.


Which milestones will affect my store?!

TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 Upgrade -  Deadline June 17, 2016
To make sure that your CubeCart store continues to operate as normal please check that your web hosting is configured to have TLS 1.2  and HTTP 1.1 support. This can be done by looking at the "Server Info" or "PHP Info" area of your stores admin control panel. "OpenSSL" should have a value of 1.0.1 or higher. The screenshot below shows an example of what to be looking for. In this case the OpenSSL version is fine. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 08.15.58.png

You can also test if TLS 1.2 is supported using a tool such as the SSL Server Test by Qualys. Visit:

The screenshot below shows that HTTP 1.1 is also supported. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 08.30.56.png

IPN Verification Postback to HTTPS -  Deadline September 30, 2016

PayPal send information about payments back to your store via postback notification. From September 30th 2016 PayPal will no longer send this information back to standard insecure (http protocol) URL's. This means that if you do not already have SSL configured in your store for secure padlocked (https protocol) pages you will need to enable this. This has to be done in two stages;

  1. You'll need to source an SSL certificate. This is something that can normally be purchased from your web hosting company. It may be possible to save money by sourcing your own from somewhere like but please check with your hosting company that SSL purchased from a 3rd party can be used. We are in no way affiliated to or associated with "Namecheap Inc" who operate
  2. SSL will need to be enabled in CubeCart. For CubeCart version 5 and version 6 this can be done via the SSL tab in the settings section of your stores admin control panel. 

How can I test my store will be ok before the deadlines?

PayPal have already made these security changes to their testing "Sandbox" environment. We recommend creating a sandbox account at and switching your PayPal module to Sandbox mode from your CubeCart admin control panel. It is then possible to make test purchases to check that payments work and order statuses update from "Pending" to "Processing" automatically.

That's it! No other changes should be of concern. Please be sure to contact our technical support staff if you are unsure at all.

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