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Knowledgebase: General Usage
I can't login to the admin side of my store and the password reset tool doesn't work?!
Posted by Al Brookbanks on 22 April 2012 09:43 AM

If you can't remember the login to the admin side of your store and the password rest tool isn't sending you an email to regain access the only way access can be regained is to forcefully change it in the database. 

1. Via your web hosting account loginto phpMyAdmin.

2. Locate your stores database. If you are unsure which one it is you can find this in the includes/ file of your store.

3. Browser the table `CubeCart_admin_users`. This may have a prefix  at the start.

4. Locate the row for the admin account you wish to regain access to.

5. Make the following changes:

FieldDescriptionExample Value
password MD5 Hash of plain text password. It is possible to enter this in plain text and use the "Function" dropdown menu to select "MD5". phpMyAdmin will then automatically conver it to an MD5 hash on save. qTX4Yw3g
salt This is the salt added to your password for added security. This must be empty so remove any text there right now.  
new_password This will be updated to 1 on next successful login to use improved password hash. Please set to zero. 0
status This determines if the account is active or not. Make sure it is set to 1. 1
super_user This determines if the account has full super user access or not. 1