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Knowledgebase: Upgrading
How do I upgrade from CubeCart v4 to v6?
Posted by Al Brookbanks on 29 December 2014 09:32 AM

Why not get one of our developers to upgrade it for you? This service is included in our "Managed Technical Support" plan. Find out more at 


Before installation is is important to make sure that you have a compatible web hosting account. If you have a large store inventory please read over the notes about resource limits. Upgrading you will keep all your store inventory. e.g. products, categories, orders, site documents etc. You won't however be able to keep your existing store style/design or any modifications that you have made to your stores code.

  1. Take a FULL backup of your existing files and database and check that it is complete. This is critical in case the upgrade process fails or there is an error.

  2. Please delete all existing folders and files excluding;

  3. Download and exract the latest version of CubeCart v6 and upload the entire contents of this folder over the remaining files  replacing all existing ones.

  4. Ensure that the following folders are writable by the web server. It's important to keep the folder permissions as tight as possible for security reasons. We recommend starting with an octal CHMOD value of "0755". If they are still not writable on retry, work up towards "0777" until they are.


    If you have a Windows server you may be able to ignore this step. If you have a Linux/Unix environment please make sure  these have a CHMOD value of 0777.

  5. Once that has completed in full please browse to the setup folder of your store.

  6. If all files have uploaded successfully the setup page should load. Please select  "Upgrade CubeCart" and follow the on screen instructions.

  7. Once complete please delete the /setup folder to keep your store secure.

Need more help?

Please take a look at our community forums or submit a ticket to our technical support team.