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Knowledgebase: Hosting Issues
My basket doesn't update and changes I make to the website don't show up on the front end?!
Posted by Al Brookbanks on 04 October 2017 09:35 AM

This is becoming an increasing problem and it is caused by external factors to CubeCart. The most likely cause is that the web hosting is configured to cache too much. It may be a specific server cache like Varnish or your browser is being told to cache HTML for too long. 

Steps to resolve:

  1. Have a look in your web hosting control panel for cache settings. These will need disabling or turning off completely. We can't give you specific details because it can vary between hosting providers significantly.  
  2. Check for .htaccess files in your file structure. In particular look out for "mod_expires" and the value for "ExpiresByType text/html" which needs to be set to "access plus 0 seconds". Other file types may need to be adjusted too but in general its good for the browser to cache things like JavaScript files and images that don't cange regularly. 

If you still experience strange behaviour please contact our support staff who can investigate for you.