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Knowledgebase: General Questions
Why haven't I recieved a reply from an official staff member on the forums?
Posted by Al Brookbanks on 04 March 2009 11:16 AM
From time to time we receive angry or upset forum posts from customers who have not had an official response from our staff on the forums. We truly don't want to be unhelpful but the forums have been provided as a channel for official news & announcements and as a useful tool for customer to customer chat if you don't have a technical support plan or don't want to purchase more.

In between product development and answering official support tickets our staff may pop in and respond but this may be few and far between so please don't expect it. We are a small company with huge userbase and we don't have unlimited resources.

The vast majority of CubeCart stores use the free version of our software. Regrettably we can't provide a free product with free technical support and we have a duty to provide a high level of support to those who have paid for it via our ticket helpdesk. We are also unable to provide unlimited support time for our commercial products that have a one time fee.

What if I have submit a support ticket that is not resolved and my support time has expired?
No problem at all. Please submit a sales ticket with the ticket ID number and we will be pleased to spend more time investigating this for you.

If anyone has any questions or concerns relating to this please be sure to submit sales ticket to one of our staff members.