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Knowledgebase : General Questions
CubeCart does not need to be PCI compliant as it is not a payment gateway, a financial organization charging credit cards or a hosted e-commerce solution. Moreover, CubeCart's compliance would not render a merchant compliant as compliance requires the ent...
From time to time we receive angry or upset forum posts from customers who have not had an official response from our staff on the forums. We truly don't want to be unhelpful but the forums have been provided as a channel for official news & announcements...
If you want to redirect an old path to a new one "rewrite rules" need to be created in your stores .htaccess file. Say for example we want to redirect old.html to new.html first please locate; RewriteEngine On After this add: RewriteRule old.html ...
CubeCart uses a number of cookies none of which store any personal data. Please note that the main session cookie has a dynamic name and it will be different for each CubeCart store. Dynamic parts of the cookie name are shown as XXXXXXXXXX below. Please...