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Knowledgebase : Hosting Issues
For recommended web hosting companies and requirements please see:
This article covers the process of moving your CubeCart store from one hosting account to another. It is intentionally vague in places as processes vary widely between different web hosting providers so it may be necessary to consult their support documen...
1. OVERVIEW CubeCart is dependant on the server letting it know when SSL it enabled for secure padlocked pages. It then decides if the page should be under SSL or not and redirects accordingly. It does this by checking the following server PHP variables ...
This is a very common issue. For security reasons error reporting is disabled from displaying on screen. There will be an error message somewhere and it's only possible to know what the problem is when the actual error message is known. One of the three...
It's rare but from time to time MySQL database tables do crash and need to be repaired. Thankfully the fix is easy... Login to your web hosting account and locate the database admin tool phpMyAdmin. From here use the checkbox next to the table in the er...
CubeCart version 6 has had little testing on Windows operating system using the IIS web server. We recommend Linux or Unix operating systems with Apache webserver. If you absolutelty have to use Windows with IIS the code below will get get URL rewriting...
This is becoming an increasing problem and it is caused by external factors to CubeCart. The most likely cause is that the web hosting is configured to cache too much. It may be a specific server cache like Varnish or your browser is being told to cache H...
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