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Knowledgebase : Developer Articles
If possible we strongly recommend adding PHP code into "code hooks" by developing CubeCart plugins then use the $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign method to pass any output into the template files. However if you must add PHP to the template files then please v...
CubeCart uses the powerful Smarty 3 [] template engine which allows static HTML code to deliver dynamic content. This is great as it means that you do not need any PHP developer experience. So long as you have basic HTML & CSS experi...
CubeCart has a unique system of "code hooks" which allow you to pull external code into the main application. This is one major benefit is that you can upgrade your store without having to redo all your code customisations. For this reason we urge develop...
This article has been written to explain how a custom section or page can be added to the front end of CubeCart. For example you may want to add a dynamic page for a feature CubeCart doesn't currently support such as a wishlist or store news. Before goi...
CubeCart uses PHP's own Smarty template system. For more information concerning functionality and syntax please visit their website.
Creating a miltilingual plugin in CubeCart v5 is simple. As other articles have explained a module.definitions.xml file is required to set the default language strings. Below is an example of a default module.definitions.xml file: This file needs...
To create a full backup of your store over SSH with a bash script please login via the terminal and in the root of your store create a file called "" with the following content. #!/bin/sh DBSERVER=XXX DATABASE=XXX USERNAME=XXX PASSWORD=XXX SQLF...
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