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How to I add a digital product?
Posted by Al Brookbanks on 17 October 2007 04:39 PM
CubeCart can deliver digital products to your customers immediately after payment has been made.

1. You need to create a folder on your server using an FTP client. This can be above of below the public_html folder.

e.g. Above (Recommended as it can't be accessed directly)

or below: (Not recommended as it can be accessed directly via the internet)

2. Upload your digital file to the downloads folder.

e.g. /downloads/my_track.mp3

3. In the general settings section of your store it will tell you the root path of your store. We need that to work out the root path to the file. Let's say for example it is /home/user/public_html

If your downloads are above the public_html folder the path will be:

If it is above this will be:

4. Create a product in your admin control panel and select the product type as digital. Please then enter the root path to the file in the text box provided.

After a successful payment your customer should then be send a unique URL to access the file(s). You can specify how long this URL lasts for in your stores general settings and the amount of downloads that can be made.

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